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Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources (JANR) is a peer reviewed open access scientific journal published annually in December by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Prithu Technical College, Lamahi Municipality Ward -3, Wangaun, Deukhari Dang, Nepal. Manuscripts of  any research and review articles on agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, agricultural economics and extensions are considered for publication. The work must demonstrate novelty and relevance to the field of research. Papers published or offered for publication elsewhere will not be considered, but the publication of an abstract does not preclude the publication of the full paper in this journal. The major goal of JANR is to serve as a platform for the international scholars, academicians, researchers, and extensionists to share the innovative research findings in agriculture 

Criteria for publication

The primary criteria for judging the acceptability of a manuscript are: its originality, scientific importance and interest to a general agriculture audience. See our Editorial Policy for more details.

Publication Formats

“Journal of Agriculture  and Natural Resources” considers submissions of:  Research Articles,  Critical review papers,  Research notes ,  Review Articles.

Electronic Submission

All manuscripts must be submitted via Editorial Office Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur in the submission and are responsible for its content; they must have agreed to its publication and have given the corresponding author the authority to act on their behalf in all matters pertaining to publication. The corresponding author is responsible for informing the coauthors of the manuscript status throughout the submission, review, and production process.

Electronic Formats Allowed 

We accept submission of text, tables and figures as separate files or as a composite file. For your initial submission, we recommend you upload your entire manuscript, including tables and figures, as a single PDF file. If you are invited to submit a revised manuscript, please provide us with individual files: an editable text and publication-quality figures. Text files can be submitted in the following formats: MS Word – standard DOCUMENT (.DOC).

Tables should be submitted as MS Word. Please note that a straight Excel file is not an acceptable format.  Graphics files can be submitted in any of the following graphic formats: JPG; TIFF; GIF. Please note that Powerpoint and PDF files are not accepted. Post-acceptance, text files of the revised manuscript and tables are required for use in the production. Authors should clearly indicate the location(s) of tables and figures in the text if these elements are given separately or at the end of the manuscript. If this information is not provided to the editorial office, we will assume that they should be left at the end of the text.

First-time Submission of Manuscript

It is important that authors include a cover letter with their manuscript. Please explain why you consider your manuscript to be suitable for publication in this Journal why your paper will inspire the other members of your field, and how will it drive research forward.

The letter should contain all important details such as:  your full name (submitted by)  full title of article and short title  full list of authors with affiliations  e-mail of the corresponding author  contact address, telephone/fax numbers of the corresponding author  number of attached files, if there is more than one  status: new, reviewed or accepted (with reference ID if reviewed or accepted). 

Corresponding author must mention ORCID (visit this site for getting this ID, as  for example  just after email address.

The cover letter should explicitly state that the manuscript (or one with substantially the same content, by any of the authors) has not been previously published in any language anywhere and that it is not under simultaneous consideration or in press by another journal. If related work has been submitted, then we may require a preprint to be made available. Reviewers will be asked to comment on the overlap between the related submissions. Manuscripts that have been previously rejected, or withdrawn after being returned for modification, may be resubmitted if the major criticisms have been addressed. The cover letter must state that the manuscript is a resubmission, and the former manuscript number should be provided. To ensure fair and objective decision-making, authors must declare any associations that pose a conflict of interest in connection with evaluated manuscripts (see Editorial Policy for details). Authors may suggest up to two referees not to use, and in such cases additional justification should be provided in the cover letter. Authors are encouraged to recommend up to five reviewers who are not members of their institution(s) and have never been associated with them or their laboratory(ies); please provide contact information for suggested reviewers. The Editors reserve the right to select expert reviewers at their discretion.

The corresponding author must signed  ⇓ License to publish Agreement form at the time of submission of his/her manuscript.

Submission of Revised Articles

Resubmitted manuscripts should be accompanied by a letter outlining a point-by-point response to Journal Editor’s and reviewers’ comments and detailing the changes made to the manuscript. A copy of the original manuscript should be included for comparison if the Journal Editor requests one. If it is the first revision, authors need to return the revised manuscript within 30 days; if it is the second revision, authors need to return the revised manuscript within 15 days. Additional time for resubmission must be requested in advance. If the above mentioned deadlines are not met, the manuscript will be treated as a new submission. For resubmitted manuscripts, please provide us with an editable text and publication-quality figures: Tables also need to be included within an editable article file or be submitted separately as editable files. JANR Supply any figures as separate high-resolution, print-ready digital versions. In addition to the editorial remarks, authors are asked to take care that they have prepared the revised version according to the Journal’s style. Please adopt numbered citation (citation-sequence) style referencing.

Vol. 4(2), 2021 

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