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How to perform a peer review

The reviewers have received or accepted an invitation to review an article. Here are some ethical and peer review guidelines that help reviewer to conduct their peer review.

§  Ethical Guidelines

§  Reviewing Guidelines

Recognition for Reviewers

Reviewers are key to the success of journal and its wider community. This is why the publisher seeks to recognize the efforts of reviewers. The ways reviewers currently receive recognition  can include:

• Being included in a journal’s  reviewers list in each issue of the journal. This is the most common form of recognition.

• Getting a letter or certificate of contribution from the journal editors and publisher

The publisher have created a certificate of recognition to serve as a formal acknowledgment of a reviewer’s role in the peer-review process of a journal. Reviewers can request the certificate from publisher contact. A reviewer confirmation letter is also available upon request. Click link to view a sample   

⇓ Reviewer Certificate.


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Vol.4(2),  2021

Reviewer  Acknowledgements

The editorial board of Journal would like to acknowledge those reviewers who have dedicated their time and expertise for reviewing the manuscripts. Editor-in-Chief, editors and reviewer board members of this journal  can publish their own articles but their papers must be evaluated by at least two external reviewers and editors who are not the member of editorial or reviewer board of this Journal. The editorial board of JANR highly acknowledge to these external reviewers and editors (outside board members) for their contributions and reviewing/editorial certificates and Publons acknowledgements are provided to them. 

List of reviewer board members:

⇓ Reviewers for Volume 1(1), 2018

⇓ Reviewers for Volume 2 (1), 2019 and Volume 3(1), 2020

⇓ Reviewers for Volume 3 (2), 2020

⇓ Reviewers for Volume 4 (1), 2021

⇓ Reviewers for Volume 4(2), 2021


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