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I am very happy to welcome you to the official website of Prithu Technical College (PTC), Dang. This site is intended to provide updates and information of our academic programs, features and regular activities. PTC is one of the colleges of agriculture under Tribhuvan University, which continues to bloom in the education sphere. The starting four years have been a thriving era of academic accomplishments for our college.

As Nepal navigates through different socio-economic alterations, a need to invest in technical education can never be overemphasized. Education and training landscape is changing ensuing in more emphasis on technical and vocational skills in order to improve the Nepalese economy. Agriculture education is one of the most prioritized and preferred technical sectors of Nepal. Theory and Practical courses of B.Sc. (Ag) in PTC are structured such that the student becomes a complete farmer and practitioner in the sector. We do not simply provide qualification but deliver life-long skills.

PTC continues to live up to its vision of being a leading centre of integrity and excellence in academics. This has been achieved by presenting world-class education through highly trained and experienced faculties as well as by effective executive skills of our dedicated staffs. The superior performance of our students is a testimony to the topmost quality of our offering. PTC offers a sound, up-to-date education in agricultural practices and science. Particular attention is given to practical work and student is devoted to the acquisition of skills in farm operations. The remainder of instruction is by means of lectures and laboratory work. Further, PTC carries out experimental and investigational work in form of UPA (Undergraduate Practicum Assessment) and Project work— the results of which become part of the material for education, inside and outside the college.

Through a couple of years of the academic programs on agriculture, PTC has developed a proud reputation. PTC continues by improving what it has started. It unceasingly aims to achieve the highest levels of excellence in all aspects of learning, teaching and research; that could bring positive change to Nepalese society. PTC provides a more conducive learning environment for our students by increasing techno-demo projects, extension activities and infrastructure development programs.

As PTC dawns a new era of agriculture academics, the college continues to attain a path towards becoming a topmost agriculture institute of Nepal.

Mr. Pradip Raj Sharma